What would have Happened in this Pandemic without IT and Internet?

The whole world is facing Corona Virus Pandemic. Each and everything have become dependent on internet and telecom, people are sitting at home, and having been patiently waiting for it to over. How will be the Pandemic without IT and Internet? Schools and colleges are teaching students online, IT office staffs working from home, the internet is the answer to many problems in amid COVID19 outbreak across the world.

But what about the billions of people who can’t get access to the internet?

Imagine this Pandemic time without IT and Internet?

Many people are already losing their jobs in this tough times. But, have you thought what could have happened without IT and internet? What could have happened if internet wouldn’t be there? What could have happened if IT people won’t be working from homes?

The answer is sadly the world would have on the verse vanish without internet in such pandemic situation. There will be no more option of just waiting this pandemic to be over. However, there will be no source of seeking quick information, no source of entertainment for people sitting in homes, no source of utilizing time in learning, no source of working from homes, and so on. Also, the businesses would have been already stopped, the income source would end. The unemployment and poverty would rise more and it will make an impact to the economic condition.

The Importance and Value of Internet and IT people:

If the access of internet would stop, the stock trading system, the ATM software, the applications and websites would stop running, the banking systems would stop functioning. There would be a gap in the education of the children. The pharmaceutical software’s won’t be working as the IT researching team won’t be working. The lab tests won’t be made anymore.

Think, if the hospitals won’t function, the lab tests won’t be working, as they too are run by software only. If they won’t work, how will the situation would improve? The updates you get on news channels without any interruption would stop as the news software’s won’t be working. All entertainment channels and the social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Whats App would stop functioning. In a nutshell, everyone that requires internet to work be it a website, software, applications or anything that runs through an IT team would stop working.

How IT people are tackling difficulties?

The coworker’s in the offices are working hard to make the services available to everyone. They are working on multiple software, websites and what not. Many office staff are getting connecting by using emails, meeting tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Web Ex, Team Viewer, Slack, Google Meet and many such

Similarly, because of the IT people working on the software’s, websites and applications you are able to get access to them. Your children are able to learn through the online education mediums and are able to continue their studies.

Everyone is remembering the doctors, nurses, and all health officials. That’s saluting as they are working hard staying away from their families 24×7 and saving millions of lives. But, look at the IT people too once. They are too working 24×7 to make everything stable, working behind the software’s, websites so you are being able to access all at once without any issue.

The difference is just the doctors and nurses are working on the front end part while the IT people are working remotely like being under grounded. Thankfully, IT people have put their dedication, commitment, passion, hard work in their works just to ensure everything runs smoothly.

In conclusion, Everyone is this fight together. So therefore, just be patient and we will overcome this crisis soon.

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