Take the Feedback Seriously and Implement

I have a good habit of sending my works to my colleagues, seniors, family members, and friends to take feedback and implement it later on.

But there was a huge gap to drive that good habit into a perfect work.

Earlier when I was receiving suggestions from my colleagues, seniors, family members, or friends. I used to get pissed off and didn’t even try to implement them seriously.

There were either of these 3 problems that might be resisting me to implement that suggestion and getting something perfect out of that:

Either I was just sending my work to them to show-off. Or I was lazy and not ready to make those changes and implement them. Or I was not taking their suggestion seriously. Either of three is dangerous.

Now, what’s the use of the first good habit, when you are ultimately not ready to implement those feedback or suggestions and make your work better?

Yesterday, I got a suggestion for a change (in my proposal to be sent to one of our clients) from my Boss. I tried and implemented those suggestions and what result I got at the end was more satisfying than anything else.

Now some questions will be:

What made me take that feedback from my boss seriously?

  1. The suggested change by him was clear to me. As he explained what the problem is.
  2. He has given me a direction on how I can rectify it.
  3. He has clearly explained what will be the impact of that finished work on the client’s mind as compared to that slightly un-finished kind of work that I was presenting.

The well-explained suggestions for change made me believe that it is much needed and that needs to be done in order to get the desired result.

And I did. 🙂

The change was very little but impactful.

It not just improved that piece of work but for me as a person as well.

Now I have a firm belief that every change suggested to you must be looked at.

Question is what you should and you are getting a suggestion for change?

  1. Identify where the problem is.
  2. What will be its impact?
  3. Try to figure out how it will get resolved.

Get answers of above three and you are ready to implement suggestions of a change shared by your colleague, family member, clients, and customers.