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Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

As we know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important field in the Digital Marketing to get your website or blog rank in the search engines. In this blog you will be aware about the types of SEO – the black hat and white hat seo. Also, we will know about the difference between the Black Hat and White Hat SEO. We understand that SEO is a tactic which the marketing people use to work on the websites or blogs and rank the keywords to list themselves or the brands in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

But you may not be aware of the types of the SEO and what are they?

So, to let you know in this article we will help you clear your concept of the SEO types, their uses and much more regarding this. There are mainly four types of SEO that are White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat and Negative SEO.

In this blog, we will discuss about the types of SEO: White Hat SEO and the Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO:

The White Hat SEO is often known as the legal SEO. It is the technique of SEO where we follow all the algorithms of the search engines and work according to the rules. It is a long-term SEO technique which many IT companies use in promoting their businesses online. Some of its practices includes Creating authentic and quality backlinks, Keyword Analysis, Link Building, Writing Unique contents and many more.

Black Hat SEO:

While on the other hand, the Black Hat SEO is also called as unethical SEO. It is the technique which doesn’t follows the guidelines of the search engines and go against them and follow other illegal ways of promoting their businesses. Some of the techniques of Black Hat SEO are Doorway Pages, Link Wheeling, Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking, Link Manipulation, Creating websites or subdomains with duplicate contents and more. If you practice the Black Hat SEO for your business, it may give you a short-term success in your business but it cannot last for a longer time. The google and other search engines will penalize your site and it can also ban your website in terms of spam if they find you using any of the Black Hat SEO techniques.


So, now you must be clear of both the types of SEO- White Hat and Black Hat SEO. If you are trying to establish a long-term successful business then you should avoid practicing Black Hat SEO technique at all costs. You should always follow the terms and conditions and have a look at the guidelines of the search engines like google and then make an internet marketing strategy to build your business effectively with following the rules. If you use the White Hat SEO practices then only you will be able to succeed in order to get best outcomes.

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