How to Remain Creative at Work during COVID19?

Many of us, who are creative in business such as writing, designing, music, performing, or entrepreneurship, sometimes get in a phase where our creativity simply gets stuck. In this blog, learn to be creative in your work. People call it the creativity block. Creativity block can be of a few hours, and in extreme cases it remains for years.

There could be a number of reasons that cause creativity blocks among creators including fear of rejection, anxiety, lack of resources, self-doubt and so on. Creative blocks happen to every creator at some point(s) of their career. As it is obvious, then there might be some tricks creators might be using to remain creative at their work. Yes, there are some tricks which helps creators to get over their creative blocks.

5 Tricks to Avoid Creative Blocks and Remain Creative at Work:

Write Down Things on Paper:

Writing on paper has an edge over typing through a keyboard. It reduces stress, and improves your focus that enhances creativity and deep thinking to dig out new ideas. Further, writing on paper triggers brain neurons, strengthens memory power and gives a sense of well-being that is much needed to be a good creator.

Expand Your Imagination:

Take some time to explore your imagination, do day-dreams, wander, look at natural innovations and resourcefulness, expand your knowledge, keep your mind-open. These things dramatically help in developing new ideas.

Make a Positive Workspace:

Your surroundings play a major role, when it comes to creativity. Make your workspace that can radiate a soothing experience for your mind. It must be a place where you can spend plenty of time without distraction.

Meditate Once A Day:

Exploring your inner-self and mind are much needed. It keeps you calm and creative. Best way to achieve this doing meditation at-least once a day. Mindful meditation keeps your relation, improves self-awareness, and inspires self-reflection.

Wake Up Early in the Morning:

Wake up in the morning provides you an extra time to approach fresh ideas with a clear mind-set before getting indulge into day-to-day activities. Change in routine brings new thoughts and insight to remain creative throughout the day.