Know about the most popular cloud computing service called Microsoft Azure

Legacy hosting- an outdated computing technique was started in 1980s and also it is still in use. Nowadays, organizations have looking for faster and advanced solutions to cope up with real-time challenges. Everyone had used the cloud computing services called Microsoft azure while facing and managing and computing their data.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure which is also known as Microsoft cloud is an advanced cloud computing service created by Microsoft. It initially released as Windows Azure in 2010 and renamed as Microsoft Azure in 2014.

It is ideal for application building, testing, deploying and management. As it has equipped with the latest and powerful tools for seamless performance even with large and complex software and applications.

Nearly two thirds of fortune 500 companies use Azure cloud globally for their enterprise. There are many advantages of Microsoft Azure cloud over legacy hosting system.

Azure Cloud computing is much more powerful, reliable and simple to configure and is use as compare to traditional legacy hosting.

Cloud computing Service- Microsoft Azure as a software:

On the basis of cost, Microsoft Azure comes as software as a service (SaaS). You will just have to pay a subscription amount which includes the charges of the software as well as fees of using the hardware.

With Azure, you have to complete control over the collection, use and distribution of your customer data. Microsoft will provide you complete information on how they will handle your data.

In addition, when it comes to speed and performance azure cloud is far more better and hassle-free as compared to legacy hosting.

For all the business, as the security is a key requirement to most of the companies. That’s why organizations have been more concerned about the confidentiality of their data. Also, azure- A software which had known for the security which secures the data and keep it safe.

However, Microsoft Azure comes with a highly secure foundation for your infrastructure and applications providing you with built-in security services. And Azure Cloud comes with the assurance of data security.

Familiar Environment of Azure

Microsoft Azure is friendly to enterprise and infrastructure, it runs your existing ASP.NET applications. As a result, it allows you to use your existing knowledge and skills.

Azure comes with powerful tools and will provide integration with Visual Studio, GitHub, TFS, Bit Bucket, Dropbox, and VSTS.

While in legacy hosting a dedicated in-house space requires to set up hardware and servers and which will have all the data that will be stored on local machine only, and in case of theft or accidents like fire can destroy all the data.

Above all, no one had worry about the updates, infrastructure, physical servers, patching and redundancy because all these things are already handled by Microsoft itself.

Therefore, with Loads of features Microsoft Azure dedicated to take your business to new heights, overcoming every challenge that comes in your way.

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